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Trophies shouldn't be measured in inches, but in memories.

With our shop located in Iowa, you can imagine a high volume of our work is deer head mounts.  We allow each client to choose the style they would like to see in their mount, from an upright pose to a full sneak, and everything in-between.  For each of these we provide the options of an off-set shoulder pose, head turns, as well as open mouth.  We also offer wall habitat to compliment your mount and give it that special, very natural look.  Floor pedestal mounts are available from something basic to very elaborate.  We will discuss all aspects of the mount with you so you always get what you want.  With each piece we take pride in the mount and treat it with the utmost respect and attention to detail that it deserves and you expect. 
We provide taxidermy services for all types of North American and African game.  Each mount is unique in its own way and requires an emphasis on every feature for anatomical accuracy.   Each mount is discussed with the client so we can strive to meet or exceed their expectations.  For those mounts with very large antlers, we offer removable antlers if that feature is needed.  Special hangers are also used for those large mounts to achieve that perfect ballance.  Floor pedestal mounts are also available.
We provide taxidermy services on all types of mammals, providing full body mounts with habitat bases from minor to very elaborate.  We discuss with our client what they would like to see in their mount regarding style as well as the habitat base.  We then artistically combine the two for a showroom quality piece.  We also do shoulder mounts of various mammals for a more economical choice.
Turkey and pheasant mounts are our specialty in our bird taxidermy services department.  Each mount comes with a habitat type base, from something minor to elaborate.  We discuss each mount with our client to determine the pose they would like to see as well as the type of habitat base they desire.  The combination of a beautiful bird and an artistic habitat base make for a showroom quality piece to be proud of.
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Timberline Taxidermy takes pride in every project with strict attention to the fine details and
anatomical accuracy.  Regardless of size or complexity, we select the best components and techniques to keep your memory alive!
"Trophies shouldn't be measured in inches, but in memories."
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